At Five Speed, we're strong believers in try-before-you-buy. Therefore, all of our consumer software will run in fully functional demo mode. After you are sure that our product fits your needs, you can visit our Purchase page to purchase your copy.

Software for Newton OS:

We continue to sell and support our line of software for the Newton:

Dash Board

Dash Board 1.5.1 for Newton OS 2.1 (MP2000 and MP2100 only). For more information about Dash Board, visit the Dash Board home page.

Download Dash Board 1.5.1 (350 KB)

Wake Up Call

Wake Up Call 1.1 for Newton OS 2.1 . For more information about Wake Up Call, visit the Wake Up Call home page.

Download Wake Up Call 1.1 (450 KB)


Minspector 0.0a1 for Newton OS 2.1. If you have not done so, ABSOLUTELY visit the Minspector home page for important info about this unsupported, alpha software. Minspector is pretty cool, but may have bugs.

Download Minspector 0.0a1 (50 KB)