Five Speed Software is best known as the creator of Dash Board, the ultra-mega-smashingly-cool interface enhancement for the Newton. Yes, you can still buy it! All of Five Speed's old Newton apps are free now, and all the purchase links now point to the free registration code generator. (There is also an open-source option, for those with some spare time.)

Five Speed's complete Newton product line is listed below; click on a product for all the details.

Dash Board running on a MessagePad 2100
Dash Board
for MessagePad 2x00

hierarchical menus, powerful button bar, scripting, and more, more, more, more, more

Wake Up Call screen shot
Wake Up Call
for MessagePad 2x00 & eMate

alarm clock with custom audio recording, elegant UI and special heavy sleeper options

Minspector, in all its glory
for MessagePad 2x00

developer tool that helps Newton programmers debug on the run, Mac OS 8-style