Minspector Executive Summary

What It Is: Newton debugging tool modeled after the Newton Toolkit Inspector, but that runs on the Newton
Current version:
0.0a1 (!)
Released: June 22, 1998
System Requirements: Newton OS 2.1
Price: Free (unsupported) 

Download Minspector 0.0a1 [50KB]

NOTE: This software is free and unsupported. That means it does not include technical support of any kind.

About Minspector

Minspector is a debugging tool modeled after the Newton Toolkit Inspector. When running, it captures and displays all Print(), Write(), and Display() statements, so that you can watch your bugs in action even when on the road. Also, like the real Inspector, you can enter code in the window and execute it. Minspector will print the result. And just to be ridiculous, Minspector features a Newton version of a Mac OS 8-style window, complete with zoom, resize, and minimize, so Mac-based Newton programmers will feel right at home.

How to Use Minspector

Install the Minspector package on your Newton. When you open the program, it starts running, and will begin to display any Print(), Write(), or Display() statements.

There are six buttons along the top:

Limitations, Known Bugs, and Issues

Minspector 0.0a1 is, as the version number would suggest, a very very early and potentially buggy version. Some of the things we know aren't finished or don't work:

Minspector FAQ

Q: How does Minspector work?

A: It replaces the Print(), Write(), and Display() global functions with its own functions.

Q: Can I use Minspector and the NTK Inspector simultaneously?

A: Yes, Minspector's replacement functions call the original functions, so if both Minspector and the Inspector are connected/active then data will print out in both of them. However, the Inspector will not print inside a breakloop when Minspector is active.

Questions or Comments:

We'd love to hear from you if you actually use this. We will try to respond as time permits, but Minspector is a free product provided on a strictly "as-is" basis, and no support is guaranteed. Thanks for your understanding.