How to Purchase

Our software is sold at the Kagi online software store; if you have purchased software from them before, or are otherwise familiar with the process, you may want to skip this page and go directly to the Kagi Store to make your purchase.


Five Speed does not directly sell software to consumers—we arrange for our software to be sold by the Kagi Store. They take care of the billing, taxes, etc., and leave us free to concentrate on writing software.

After you make your purchase there, Kagi will send you a brief acknowledgement via email. The transaction is then processed, and the data is transmitted to Five Speed.

After the payment is verified (credit card transaction completed, or check cashed, etc.), Five Speed will send you a registration code via email. We generally get registration codes emailed out the same day that the transaction clears, but this process can take up to three business days.

If you are ready to make your purchase, click here to go to the Kagi Store.