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Name: Get Package Names List
Author: Five Speed Software, Inc.
This script simply creates a new note in the Notes app, containing a list of package names of all the packages installed on your Newton when it is run. It is intended to help you create lists of package names, for use with your own customized versions of the Freeze/Thaw Group script. (Package names are generally slightly different from what is shown in the Extras Drawer.)
Last Modified: Tuesday, March 2, 1999
Download: The example scripts are now included as part of every Dash Board download.

This example script is copyright © 1998, 1999 by the author listed above, and may be freely used, modified, and distributed, provided that it is distributed free of charge.

Script Code

local noteString := 

"// The following is a list of 
// the package names of all
// packages installed on this
// Newton device as of 
// " & DateNTime(time()) & ".
// It is useful for creating 
// customized versions of the
// Freeze/Thaw Group script
// from Five Speed Software.
// See the web page at
// for more information.


foreach i in GetStores() do
		foreach pName in GetPackageNames(i) do
				noteString := noteString & pName & ",\n";
GetRoot().paperroll:MakeTextNote(noteString, TRUE);

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