Dash Board Example Scripts


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Freeze/Thaw Group - This script will freeze or thaw a group of packages. The example given will freeze or thaw all installed Internet related apps. It is easy to make copies of the script to freeze/thaw your own custom groups of programs.

Get Package Names List - This script will print out a list of the package names of all installed packages. This is intended to help use the Freeze/Thaw group script above, which needs a list of package names (package names can be different from what you see in the Extras Drawer).

Insert Text - This script shows how to insert text at the caret. You can use this script as a starting point for creating a custom set of scripts that allows you to quickly insert commonly used text (such as your address) into the Notes app or other programs. As of Dash Board 1.5, this now also works with Works and other programs that use the word processing text view.

Remind Me - This script shows how to prompt the user for a number of minutes and a reminder text string, and then set a system alarm to remind the user at the appropriate time.


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