Dash Board Support Info

This page contains a periodically updated list of known bugs or issues with Dash Board, as well as a few frequently asked questions. There are no known bugs in the current version of Dash Board. Some known issues--and their solutions--are listed below.

If you have any questions that are not answered here, please feel free to email us at support@fivespeed.com.

Last updated: Saturday, February 28, 2004

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Dash Board compatible with the special button bar buttons of MoreInfo, PowerNames, or other applications, where tapping the bottom of the button does something different from tapping the top of it?

A: Not at this time, with the exception of PowerNames. The buttons on the Dash Board button bar, although they look similar, are not exactly the same as the regular buttons on the normal system button bar. Extensions which modify the normal system button bar buttons generally have no effect on Dash Board. As of version 1.5, we have modified Dash Board to provide limited support for PowerNames, since button bar access is vital to users of this program. However, other such "special buttons" are not supported.

Dash Board does have MoreInfo integration features, however, which make it easy to use a Letter Launcher shortcut or the Newton Menu for quick access to the functions previously accessed through these special button bar extensions.

Q: I cannot launch Dash Board! It tells me that the button bar has been modified in an unsupported way, even though I have frozen/deleted all other button bar utilities. What gives?

A: It has come to our attention that some utilities may leave the button bar in a nonstandard position, such as at the right side in portrait mode. Dash Board cannot open when the button bar is not in a standard position. If you cannot reset your button bar to the default position, we have created a small program, BBar Fixer, that will do it for you. You can download BBar Fixer (for Mac or PC) from: http://www.fivespeed.com/download/misc/BBar Fixer.zip

Q: Does Dash Board support making the button bar disappear, or minimizing it, to increase screen space?

A: Yes, by popular demand we have added this feature. As of Dash Board 1.5, you can hide the button bar. A small, collapsible floating palette will then appear, giving you access to the Newton menu, Extras Drawer, scrollers, and overview button.